Tuesdays on the Run: Ragnar Training

by MCM Mama on September 2, 2014

Today’s topic for “Tuesdays on the Run” is  Costumes: Yes or no.


My answer?  I’d wear one, but I have never actually done so.  End of post.  Now I’ll go take a nap.

No?  Ok, well, check out my cohosts, Patty and April, because I think both of them have actually worn them.  And I’ve “accessorized” once and I do dress matchy matchy with friends sometimes.  I just completely lack any creative ability to come up with my own costume.


So, let’s talk Ragnar training instead (where I also will not be wearing a costume LOL).  I was apparently pathetic looking enough that another runner agreed to switch with me.  I’m now Runner 7, which means a hilly, probably heat of the day first run, but once that is over, my other two runs should be much easier. My training has just not been what I’d hoped.  It’s been a combination of heat, lack of free time, and flat out unsuccessful runs.  In fact, my training has been a bit demoralizing when it comes to actually adding distance.  I can’t seem to get past 6 miles.  I hit that and I fall apart and however many miles I do after that just flat out suck.

But you know what is going well? Recovering after the sucky runs.  Seriously, if I could only be good at one thing running related, my ability to recover from a run is one I’m happy to have.  This weekend I did 3 runs in 24 hours.

Saturday morning:  9 mile run from H.E.Double hockey sticks.  I even did Galloway and still fell apart completely.  I was a sweaty crabby slow moving mess by the end.  My body was beyond pissed at me. (No selfie.  I was too pissed.)

Saturday afternoon: 3 tempo pace miles in the horrible heat and humidity.  And guess what? They felt good.  My legs didn’t even feel like I’d run that morning.

photo 1(106)

Sunday morning: 2.1 miles on the treadmill. Average pace? 9:30.  I felt great and only quit because I was time crunched.

photo 2(106)

I took Monday off, but nothing hurt.  I totally could have run.  I didn’t shower or take an ice bath or anything in between the 1st two runs.  I just changed clothes and did my usual Saturday errands.  (I’m sure the people at the grocery store totally appreciated that.)

Up next: One more set of 3 in 24 hours and then I’m calling it done.

Come by on Thursday for a huge post with links to lots of Ragnar related posts.  Feel free to drop a link in the comments to a post you’ve written or email me at mcmmamaruns @ gmail.com if you want to be included!

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